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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ecclesial Opposition to Mining on Mindanao: Neoliberalism Encounters the Church of the Poor in the Land of Promise

Holden, W. N. Jacobson, R.D. (2007) , Worldviews: Environment, Culture, Religion, 11(2), 155-202.
In the developing world, environmental issues are often livelihood issues as the poor try to protect resources necessary for their subsistence. Th  is paper examines the opposition of the Roman Catholic Church, on the Island of Mindanao, to neoliberal policies designed by the Philippine government to encourage nonferrous metals mining by multinational corporations. Mining is an activity with substantial potential for environmental degradation that can deprive the poor of their livelihood. Th  e Church, demonstrating the influence of liberation theology and its preferential option for the poor, has taken a stance opposing mining as an activity that may harm the poor by degrading the environment upon which they depend for their livelihood and further impoverish them. Th  e paper examines the Church’s efforts to provide alternative development programs for the poor and discusses the potential for more conflict between neoliberalism, and its “top down”
methods of implementing policies, and liberation theology with its “bottom up” perspective on achieving development.