We are a diverse and international group of researchers. We are primarily located in the Geography Department at the University of Calgary in Canada. Our main focus is broadly upon

the understanding and representation of spatial and geographic information

As such, our interests bridge the human and physical, the environmental and the social, the technical and the cultural. The locations of our work vary from the urban to the rural, the developed to developing worlds, and from cutting edge technologies to traditional methodologies. Multi-modal refers to sensory modalities, such as vision, touch and audition, and also to information modalities, language, maps, and computer systems.

Research foci

  • Tactile map design  
  • International Cartographic Association [information] Commission on maps and graphics for blind and visually impaired people [information] Department of geography information here 

    • Auditory display

    • Haptic display

        • Multimodal Geographic Information Science

        • Cognitive issues in map design and use

        • Wayfinding and navigation strategies for vision impaired individuals

          •  Human computer interaction


          • We gratefully acknowledge the following funding agencies who have supported our work


          US National Science Foundation

          National Center for Geographic Information Analyses

          University of California at Santa Barbara

           US Department of Education
          National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR)

           Canada - France Research Exchange

          The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the funding agencies

          We have also worked on research in the Philippines:

          Civil Society Opposition to Nonferrous Metals in the Philippines
          The Basic Ecclesial Community Movement in the Philippines

          Anthem Press

          Holden, W. N. Jacobson, R.D. (2012) Mining and Natural Hazard Vulnerability in the Philippines: Digging to development or digging to disaster? Anthem Press: London, New York, Delhi, pp. 286