Friday, 31 May 2013

Community Responses to Tourism Development in the Canadian Arctic

Community Action GIS in the Arctic

Dr. Emma Stewart's project explores how to achieve tourism development in the Canadian Arctic that is both sustainable and acceptable to local communities, and how to engage citizens effectively in the public planning process. Given predictions that Arctic waters could be substantially free of ice by 2050, the research focuses on the effects of increased tourism and shipping activity on Arctic communities. Her research aims to explore community responses to cruise tourism using a modified Public Participation Geographic Information Systems approach.

map of canadiam artic showing study sites of Pond Inlet Cambridge Bay and Churchill
Study sites in the Canadian High Artic

Schematic overview of Participatory Geographic Information System (PGIS)
Overview of a Community Action GIS

Department of Geography, University of Calgary
Arctic Institute of North America
Trudeau Foundation

Stewart, E. Jacobson, R.D. and Draper D.  (2008) Public participation geographicinformation systems (PPGIS): challenges of implementation in Churchill,Manitoba. The Canadian Geographer / Le G´eographe canadien, 52(3), 351–366.

CAG member profile The Canadian Association of Geographers Newsletter, Jan 2006 [PDF]